Anarchy in the UK! Pixel Scrapper June Blog Train

“I…. wanna be…. ANARCHY!” Okay, so not really, anarchy sounds pretty chaotic (by definition, in fact), but nonetheless I do have a huge soft spot for the Sex Pistols, who penned those lyrics for their first single, “Anarchy in the UK.” Formed in London in 1975, they took Britain and the world by storm, kicked off the British punk movement in both fashion and music, and have remained hugely influential to this day.

The real story of the Sex Pistols is tragic, violent, and drug-infused. Sid Vicious, the bassist, died at 21 from a heroin overdose. I don’t glorify their history, at all, but there’s something about the music that really moves me. Sid’s slurred, screamed version of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” is at once both crass and utterly sincere. It’s the anthem of a generation trying to find their way out from under the shadow of their parents’ “greatest generation” legacy, trying to find a place for themselves during a time of strikes and recession and chaotic upheaval of standards and mores, trying to piss off the greatest number of people possible with as much flash and drama as possible, all just to prove how much they “don’t care.”

I’ve talked about (for the Vintage-themed blog train) how much I appreciate Christian Dior’s “New Look” fashion style that marked a giant transition from the privations of World War II to the post-war era. I think my fondness for the Sex Pistols comes from a similar place – this is music that demarcates a boundary line, art that captures a moment in time when everything was in flux, after which things would never be the same.

anarchy - Brenda H

“Anarchy” by creative team member Brenda Hollingsworth

This month’s Pixel Scrapper blog train had the theme of “England.” I wasn’t feeling too inspired until somehow I suddenly decided to make a punk kit and then it came together in a matter of days. Punks dressed in black leather and Royal Stewart Tartan (irony in fashion before irony in fashion was fashionable) with outrageous hairstyles are still a prime tourist attraction in London, so this kit would be perfect for scrapping any of those photos. Otherwise I’m curious to see what you make of it. You could combine bits of it with pieces from the rest of the Pixel Scrapper England Blog Train. Maybe you’ve got your own punk rock rebel kid at home, or maybe you have an art journal page waiting to emerge about your own experience with the counterculture sweetness of punk rock love.

The Anarchy in the UK mini-kit was available here for free through July 1st, and now it can be found at Pixel Scrapper.


Whoops! I only realized I’d somehow left her out of the Credits page after I’d already uploaded the kit to three different places, so a special shout-out here to the Graphics Fairy for the adorable vintage couple showing their “true colors” in this kit.

13 thoughts on “Anarchy in the UK! Pixel Scrapper June Blog Train

  1. I’m just so tickled that I have to comment. I started the PS train early on the 1st and enjoyed watching the participant’s different takes on the England theme. It seemed that while some went the Dr. Who route, others the Alice IW route, and then most chose the more well known double deckers and Union Jack theme. Then came along yours! πŸ˜€ VERY different from the rest that I had to giggle a bit. It is such a visually stunning kit that it is almost a scrap page in itself! While I have never been a Sex Pistols or punk music fan, I found your commentary to be quite insightful and interesting. Thank you for sharing your artwork and your introspections. 😊

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, and I am so glad to have given you a giggle πŸ˜€ I had so much fun making this, especially since following the theme of β€œanarchy” I didn’t let myself worry about following any rules! Thanks, too, for reading and remarking on the post itself, I love being able to share my passions and ideas here along with my designs.

  2. This is so completely awesome and unique it could be a blog train theme all on its own! I always been an early New Wave and Gothic music fan, which could, and sometimes are considered to be “spin-off” of our favorite three chord music genre πŸ™‚ , so I really appreciate the existence of this kit, you are one brilliant lady, cheers!
    And yes, I do have loads of pictures from Camden Town, so this is completely perfectly!!!

  3. This is wonderful…The music of the Sex Pistols figured prominently in my early college days, as did conversations/letters with friends in England over the policies and politics of the day which contributed to the feelings underlying the lyrics of the Sex Pistols and other groups. Massive unemployment, layoffs, strikes, protests and Maggie Thatcher often reviled as “Reagan in a skirt,” among other things. People felt angry, alienated and scared. I loved the music because it was brash, in-your-face and sometimes heart wrenching but I was no fan of the drugs, and what happened to Syd AKA John Ritchie, was beyond tragic but is a lesson about the power and destruction of one’s choices.

    He was a nice guy who grew up with a mother who shot heroin and got him into it, and after being released while awaiting trial for the killing of his girlfriend, he went back to it. There was speculation that his mother, who administered the final dose on which he overdosed, killed him because she could not stand the idea of him spending his days in prison. He was barely 21. I cannot quite wrap my head around someone killing their kid that way, and no-one could prove it. When I hear the music of the Sex Pistols now, that comes to mind and saddens me a bit.

  4. I love that you took such a different view point for this BT Violet and that you captured the spirit of the England that I was born into! I love the sights of London and afternoon tea as much as the next “English Rose” but sometimes it nice to see our wild side too!

  5. Thanks so much for your part of the kit — one of my favorite stops for it’s differences. I grew up past punk with 80’s new wave and goth being my music staples, always nice to see something off the beaten path.

  6. Love this take – thank you! Not a huge fan of the music but I do miss the colourful hair around London πŸ™‚

  7. Love the anarchy!!! Fantastic kit!! Love the punk rock, mohawks, safety pin and plaid!! Love the work art!! Love the papers.. Love the dog collar paper!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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