Already There ~ A new kit & a freebie for you

My life is really, really good right now. I have two dream jobs, a secure and comfortable home, and incredible friends and family who love, support, and delight me. My health is better than it has been in years and I’m able to do so much more than I could five years ago that it’s hard to remember the years when I could barely get out of bed.

How does this relate to my new scrapbooking bundle, Already There? Well, there’s a bit of a story there.

One thing I’ve always seen as a gift of my long illness is that it taught me about boundaries and how to say no. Whether I said it with regret because I was too sick to do a yearned-for activity or with relief at skipping some perceived obligation, I became a pro at “No.” The people in my life were initially taken aback, but eventually the folks who stuck around came to realize that my developing forays into limit-setting opened up greater permission within them to set their own boundaries. I am definitely the friend to flake on in order to stay home and do some self-care. Far from taking it personally, I’ll be cheering you on.

But an interesting realization has been emerging over the past few months. By developing my ability to set boundaries in conjunction with learning to listen and care for my body, I never actually learned about other kinds of limitations. Like, you know, time. When you can only do about one significant activity a day, you don’t have to worry too much about schedule-juggling. And even people who are well still have physical limitations – there’s only so much you can ask even a healthy body to do without sleep and food and all that good stuff. (And as much as I’d like to be, I’m still a good distance  from “well.”)

Protect layout made with Already There digital scrapbooking kit by Scrumptiously at Pixel Scrapper

So recently I came to see that I don’t know how to say no to “good things.” If an opportunity for something good comes along, I figure, hey, I’m not stuck in bed so why not add it to the mix? And lately that’s been catching up with me and biting me pretty hard. But I couldn’t seem to stop – it felt like I had no mechanism for moderating my “yes.” I spent so many years feeling deprived, watching as so much of the richness of life passed me by. Some part of me feels like I’ve suffered enough, and like a loving and indulgent parent, I don’t want to deny myself any opportunity for enjoyment and growth.  I was telling a wise friend about this dilemma, and what he said to me was, “If you keep adding to your life – even good things – you will eventually lose the ability to protect and maintain what you already have.”

My friend’s words had a huge impact on me. He got right to the heart of the matter, and I realized I was risking compromising the many parts of my life that I already love in order to pile on more and more good things. It was a wake-up call for me to look around and realize I’m already where I want to be. And if I don’t take time to rest, practice self-care, and actually integrate my experiences, I won’t be able to protect this life I love from my own go-go-go mentality.

And from deep personal insight – a scrapbook kit was born! Ha! Well, kind of, yeah. I’d been excited for a while to make a kit built around the color theme mint + copper. What a gorgeous, clean, modern combo those are. (And from the number of great images I was able to find for my mood board, I’m gonna say the internet agrees with me.) But I thought maybe this time I wanted a more specific theme than I had for Bright Days, which was mostly built around color. As I started assembling my ideas, I knew my recent insight and my yummy dreamy color palette would be perfect for each other.

Already There journal cards for digital scrapbooking, pocket scrapping by Scrumptiously at Pixel Scrapper

I think the kit has a good mix of themed and non-themed items. I know not everyone is at the same place in their lives that I am, but as I started working with the idea of “Already There” the significance of the idea expanded for me. Spiritually, we can get so caught up in self-improvement, striving to be a better meditator, a more evolved being, that we lose sight of the fact that, as Eckhart Tolle said, “You get there by realizing you’re already there.” Emotionally we’re all under so much pressure, influenced by a society that places way too high a value on what people produce and accomplish. As someone who was forced by illness to step off that hamster wheel I know all too well how much our identities can get wrapped up in achievement and success. I love this quote from Brené Brown, who is so awesome at telling it like it is: “Worthy now. Not if. Not when. We are worthy of love and belonging now. Right this minute.” Yes!

Already There mint + copper elements for digital scrapbooking, pocket scrapping by Scrumptiously at Pixel Scrapper

I had so much fun making this kit. The colors are so delicious to me, and getting to play with so many different copper textures was a delight. That confetti made of little triangular bits of copper is probably one of my favorite things I’ve made, ever. Speaking of elements… I think I made a scrapbooking kit! I mean, yeah, of course I did, but I think I made a traditional scrapbooking kit, rather than one focused mainly on pocket scrapping, which is something I thought I’d never end up doing (since I almost never scrap outside pockets). But I just followed where inspiration took me, and this is where I ended up. There are still plenty of journal cards, stickers, cool stacked frames, pocket-sized elements and a whole bunch of new pocket page templates, though, so our pockets will not go empty!

Already There journal cards for digital scrapbooking, pocket scrapping by Scrumptiously at Pixel Scrapper

You may notice there’s more illustration in this kit than in previous things I’ve made, like that amazing Vespa and those gorgeous flowers above. I am extremely lucky to have Paddy Wolf, one of the world’s most creative digital scrappers (in my humble opinion) on my Creative Team, and she’s a talented artist on paper as well. I commissioned several pieces from her for this kit, which was an incredible opportunity to go beyond my own technical limitations (as I’ve mentioned here before, I’m a designer/assembler/magpie rather than an illustrator). We even spent the final part of my kit creation process in an almost constant collaboration, passing ideas and designs back and forth. It was one of my favorite design experiences ever – I’m such a relational person, and being out of the “design vacuum” and able to get a real-time opinion from someone whose eye I trust was invaluable.

Already There mint + copper bundle for digital scrapbooking, pocket scrapping by Scrumptiously at Pixel Scrapper

Messy Stitched Pocket Page Overlays for digital scrapbooking, pocket scrapping, by Scrumptiously at Pixel Scrapper

I think that about wraps up the long tale of how I got from here to “Already There.” (See what I did there? :)) I have a couple of freebies to accompany this kit, one today and one that I’ll be putting up in a little bit. It needs some finishing touches and right now I am wiped from finishing this bundle! That image below is not your freebie (sorry to tease!) but I wanted to show you how the actual freebie, which is a style set, looks when applied. You can see the ombre grey enamel style on the chevrons on the left-hand stacked journal card.

Already There stacked journal cards and frames for digital scrapbooking, pocket scrapping by Scrumptiously at Pixel Scrapper

Today’s freebie will only work for Photoshop users, unfortunately. It’s two sets of styles in the dreamy palette colors from the kit – a glossy enamel set and an ombre enamel set. It’s my first style set that I’m offering to the public, rather than just making for my own use, and in addition to my complete ignorance on how to make them work in Elements, I will admit I have no idea how to test them to make sure they work in all circumstances. Or even really what to do to them in the first place to make sure they work in all circumstances. So I’m giving them away for you to play with, and if they work well for you as they did for me, hurray! And if not, it didn’t cost you anything 🙂

Free Photoshop Enamel Styles freebie for digital scrapbooking, pocket scrapbooking

You only need to choose ONE of these links:
Direct download from Dropbox
Mediafire Download (in case Dropbox is unavailable)

Finally, I want to give special acknowledgement to some very special resource-creators. This kit could never have come into existence without the incredible copper textures provided by some very generous artists. I credit and link to them on the Credits page for the bundle (as I do with all resource creators who express a preference for being credited), but this time around these particular resources were vital to creating the core of this kit so I wanted to acknowledge them here as well. If you’re looking for high quality stock resources, check out:
Manoluv on deviantart
Scratzilla on deviantart
InsipidStock on deviantart
Alleca on deviantart

12 thoughts on “Already There ~ A new kit & a freebie for you

  1. WOW! This bundle is fantastic. Thanks for sharing the story behind it. True words of wisdom! I adore the little Vespa and can’t wait to download everything!!! ❤

  2. Thank you so much, Marcy! I’m so glad you like it. And that you have the patience to read through my endless rambling blog posts ❤

    You found your way to my post before the kit even released! It'll be available at Pixel Scrapper at 8am PST.

  3. Wow! I love this!! It came up at Pixel Scrapper, right at the top of the ‘Kits’ page and I HAD to have it. I’ve been searching for this color combo, even though I didn’t really know it. Which means, I knew what I wanted, only because everything else wasn’t quite right, but when I saw this I knew it was PERFECT. And now you are probably asking, “For what?”. I’m creating some digital Life Study journal pages and some freebies to go along with it. I have to say, after reading this post, I think this collection is even MORE perfect. And yes! That is possible! =)

    • BethAnn, your comment makes my day! And it’s not even 10am 🙂 What you described is how I feel about the colors when I look at them, too. They just feel so peaceful and right. I swear I could stare at my own previews all day :p

      What is Life Study? I’m intrigued! I’m guessing it’s something like art journaling Bible study or that type of thing? What a perfect fit. Please do send me links or pics of what you make, I would love to whatever you are inspired to create!

  4. wow. i didn’t realize just how much you and i are at different places in life right now. and the sentiment behind this kit makes me think you i might have been too hard on myself and not grateful enough for the good things i’m enjoying. so in a way, this is exactly what i needed- as a reminder and encouragement. thank you!

    • Ooh, this makes me super curious to know what you mean about our different places – and of course I am always happy to hear someone has decided to be less hard on themselves 😀 Fill me in on Dropbox when you get the chance! ❤

  5. Violet – I really needed to hear your story as well as all of the quotes you included in the kit today. I’m doing Ali Edward’s One Little Word (& am very behind – my word is “progress” & the irony does not escape me) as well as Cathy Zielski’s January Move More Eat Well jumpstart (I managed to get sick in January & February was too cold to do more than huddle under blankets) & was doing quite well starting (for the third time) in March — until I ended up on a criminal trial jury (for a gang rape – talk about stressful!) so I lost two weeks. I’m trying to nerve myself up to start MMEW again & to get caught up on OLW. I’m feeling overwhelmed, miserable at being behind, & haven’t been sleeping much for nearly three weeks thanks to the trial so add exhausted into overwhelmed & miserable – & you can see that I REALLY needed to hear that no matter where I am, I am Already There. And from here, I can move forward however slowly I need to. I feel better already!

    And I’m so glad you included Paddy’s art! I adore her work & happily download every freebie she makes.

    Thank you both, Paddy & Violet, for a great kit & a timely message!!

    • Sarah, thanks so much for sharing your situation with me. It means so much to hear where you’re at and how my story and kit have impacted you. Your irony comment about your OWL definitely strikes a chord with me – I’ll confess I pushed pretty hard at the end to get this bundle done, and kept making more and more things, and was laughing at myself as I stayed up late into the night making word art about resting and letting things be enough the way they are 😀 I hope April brings lots of rest and self-care and moving at our own pace for both of us. And I’ll make sure Paddy sees your comment, as well. Isn’t she the greatest? I feel so lucky to get to work with her.

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  8. Just got your kit from Pixel Scrapper, and so delighted to have your Styles freebie to go with it! Thank you so much. I only just found you, and will be following you (and your Pinterest board) with great interest.

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