Sneak Preview – “Already There” Mood Board

Marisa Lerin, owner of Pixel Scrapper and scrapbooking designer extraordinaire, has been posting sneak previews of her upcoming kits recently. The twist – instead of showing us a few snippets of the kit itself, she’s been posting her mood board. It’s a great way to whet our appetites for what’s to come, and it lets us peek behind the curtain to see some of what inspired her designs.

I made a mood board for the first time while working on my newest, soon to be released bundle, Already There. In the past I’ve usually made Pinterest boards to collect my colors, shapes, images, words, and other inspiration. I was amazed at how different the experience was with a personally created mood board, in this case a collage I made in Photoshop.

Being able to see everything at once (I pack a lot into my Pinterest boards, so they require a lot of scrolling), choosing the relative size and placement of images, and covering up distracting bits were some of the benefits. I even went to some quote-generator sites to make my own custom pretty quote posters like you see on Pinterest all the time, which let me add the words I was inspired by right onto my visual inspiration board. Making my own board also allowed me to easily add a few of my main initial ideas to see how they worked with the overall feel I was going for.

I won’t say any more for now – I’ll let the images speak for themselves. Enjoy a little peek into my inspiration!



7 thoughts on “Sneak Preview – “Already There” Mood Board

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  2. Oh, Wow! This is amazing! I love the quote in the bottom right corner. It’s just what I needed today. You did an amazing job of translating this into the ‘Already There’ kit. Kusos!

    • Thanks, BethAnn! I love that piece on the lower right – I tried hard to find the source of it so I could ask to include the quote in the kit, but it’s one of those things that’s everywhere on Pinterest and Tumblr but had no discernible source. So glad I could share it through the mood board.

  3. What a gorgeous mood board (&, as BethAnn says, you translated it brilliantly into a gorgeous kit). As for me, my favorite quote is the lower left. Even if I haven’t done much today, I am going to allow myself to decide it is enough when I feel it *is* enough. Thank you!

  4. Gorgeous! I have just seen the bundle and it is breathtaking – I love all the copper touches. So fun to see everyone”bit by the moodboard-bug”: only yesterday I posted mine on my blog, haha. It must be something in the air! 🙂

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