Bright Days! Exciting News & A Freebie For You

Big news! Big news!

Remember way, way back in… um… October, when I said I’d gotten an offer to “go pro” as a designer but I didn’t feel ready? Well… take one excitable insomniac night of planning and scheming, add in several conversations with a few different important people, and… You’re looking at the newest member of the Pixel Scrapper design team!

Right now I’m kind of like, “Holy wow, how is this awesome thing even happening to me?” and partly like, “What have I gotten myself into???” (You know, what with graduate school and a day job and a chronic illness and all that). But I am feeling entirely thrilled about my new project, Documentarian, and my first design collection, Bright Days, which was released today on the Pixel Scrapper site.

Bright Days pocket scrapping collection by Scrumptiously on Pixel Scrapper

So first off, what is Documentarian? You may or may not already know my “origin story” (because every superhero gets an origin story) of how I came to digital scrapbooking and digital design. For the past decade I’ve been dealing with a serious chronic illness. Back in 2010, after a year of being bed-ridden, I started to feel like I was disappearing from the world. I heard about something called “Project Life,” where you took a picture every day and put it in an album with some journaling. I decided to try it out to prove to myself that I still existed, still interacted with and had impact on the world around me. It was an incredible, transformative experience, and led to a new identity as a “Documentarian” – I’m now the person among my family and friends who has her camera phone always at the ready, documenting the moments of our lives, large and small.


Being in this new relationship to my life has impacted me deeply. I became much more aware and appreciative of all the small, everyday moments – whether they are little triumphs or challenges or just going along in neutral, and my life has become richer as a result. The life and doings of my family (including my wonderful friends) is documented much more frequently, and I treasure the opportunity to look back on our experiences, and to share these records with others. One of my best friends has a memory impairment, and the other night as we paged through my photo-a-day book from 2011 he told me, “I’m so glad you record this stuff, because otherwise I’d never know it happened.”

Project Life ~ Week 14. Made using Bright Days by Scrumptiously at Pixel Scrapper.

So when Marisa Lerin, the owner and lead designer of Pixel Scrapper, asked if I’d like to come on board as a designer focused on pocket scrapping (which is the generic term for Project Life-type scrapbooking, with the specific photo spots and journal card spots, though people use the pocket format now to make layouts that are not “everyday life” themed) I felt this was really an opportunity for me. I get to make pretty things for people to use to document their lives. I get to create tools for people to employ on their own paths as Documentarians.

And do you know what else is the AMAZINGEST? As an official Pixel Scrapper designer, I got to put together my own Creative Team. I reached out to members of the PS community who I think are fantastic scrapbookers, and then I got the thrills and chills of seeing them put my designs to use and bring them to life. I asked them to try out making pocket pages, and maybe a Project Life album cover or New Year/Welcome 2015 type page. Oh my goodness, they just blew me away. Aren’t these stunning? And don’t you just want to lick those colors right off the screen? (Hmm, maybe that’s just me… I do find this color palette incredibly delicious, though!) [Creative team credit to Paddy Wolfe, Kimberlee Gerstmann, Giada Erre, & me.]

Layouts made using Bright Days bundle by Scrumptiously at Pixel Scrapper

Now that I’ve gone pro, I think I’m supposed to do some kind of marketing pitch here, right? Instead of just babbling about screen-licking and life-altering life-documenting? Well, then. I’ve made a giant bundle of delicious colors and shapes for you to use to make beautiful things that tell the story of your life. The Bright Days bundle contains 69 papers, 30 journal, filler, and title cards (including 4 layered templates), 14 pieces of washi tape, 10 flairs, 14 stamps in PNG and .abr, 12 of my famous painty bits, including 3 page borders, 26 stickers & labels, 35 additional elements (glitter splats, cork, veneer, buttons, staples, scatters), 2 sets of upper-case alphas, & 8 glitter styles. Phew! It’s a biggie.

Bright Days pocket scrapping collection by Scrumptiously on Pixel Scrapper

You can find Bright Days at Pixel Scrapper where, if you’re not familiar, the most economical and fun way to purchase designs is to become a subscriber. For a quite reasonable monthly price (I believe it’s currently $10/month for Personal Use licensing and $20 for Commercial Use licensing) you’ll get unlimited downloads of everything on the site. And if you aren’t ready to subscribe, you can buy download credits or even get them for free! Pixel Scrapper is working to revolutionize the digital scrapbook design business (check out their awesome manifesto for more info) and as part of that mission they give away daily free download credits good towards anything on the site, and you can also get more by participating in challenges and other community interactions.

Alright now, you have been marvelously patient. Thank you kindly for sticking with me through my rambling and my sales pitch. Today is a special occasion, and special occasions call for celebration, and celebration calls for SPARKLES!!! Am I right? So to mark this occasion, the launching of Documentarian, the release of my first ever bundle as a pro, of course I had to make you something sparkly. If you check out the layouts from my Creative Team, above, you’ll see they made good use of these pretty glitter washi tapes, which are my celebration gift to you! Download link is below the preview.

Happy new year, and may all your days be bright!

FREE Bright Days Glitter Washi Tape from Scrumptiously, coordinates with the new Bright Days scrapbooking bundle, available on Pixel Scrapper

You only need to choose ONE of these links!
Direct download link (may not be available due to bandwidth overage):
Mediafire link:


20 thoughts on “Bright Days! Exciting News & A Freebie For You

  1. Hooray! So happy for you! Your freebies are a lot better than some of the “for sale” stuff, let me tell you! Glad to know your kits will be available at PixelScrapper. Just in time, too, ’cause I took the subscription with their 2 months special offer. ❤

    • Thank you so much, Marcy! What excellent timing that you’re joining the marvelous, hard-drive-fillin’ world of Pixel Scrapper subscription fun. I look forward to seeing your work in the gallery – maybe even some Bright Days layouts!

  2. Yay! I’m so thrilled you’re now a designer at Pixel Scrapper!! I discovered your Retro Kitchen collection a few months (or more?) ago & fell in love with your designs. I’m a PS subscriber, too, & can’t wait to get on my desktop (which is where Photoshop & all my files live) & start downloading all your lovely new goodies (& the washi tape, too). And I’m SO glad PS added a pocket scrapper designer to the lineup – I do paper scrapping but what I do is more like PL (though not daily or even weekly!) so I’m thrilled to have the cards & papers I can print & play with. Thank you!! And congratulations – you deserve this.

    • Thanks so much, Sarah! If you end making things with Bright Days or any of my future Pixel Scrapper stuff (or any of my past freebies, for that matter), I’d love to see them! I know it’s trickier with paper scrapping, but even a phone-photo of your creation would make my day 🙂 Speaking of paper scrapping, this bundle was so huge and took longer than I expected, so there aren’t specific hybrid versions of the cards or papers as I’ve done sometimes in the past. Do you have a sense of how much of the bundle will be usable for your purposes? If there are hybrid folks out there who like to create with my designs, I definitely want to make sure I am including things you can use. If you end up downloading the bundle I would very much appreciate if you’d send an email or leave a comment letting me know what does and doesn’t look like it will work for you. I’ve been wanting to get into hybrid myself but I haven’t replaced my printer, so short of “no texture on anything ever” I’m not sure of the parameters.

      Speaking of hybrid, my mom emailed me the cutest thing today after she looked at the new bundle online. “Is it at all possible to download “real” paper or is it all digital reality? I would love to wrap presents in those gorgeous papers and sparkle tapes!” I wish! I told her the papers we can maybe swing, but the sparkle tapes will not be wrapping any real life presents. People who use printers to bring digital designs to life on paper fascinate me, and it’s something I hope to be able to explore more this year.

      • Hi Violet!

        I can imagine this collection took forever! I just went through it all on PS & was SO excited to see all of it I was practically shaking but as I went through kit after kit, I started to worry that you’d burn yourself out if you try to do this much every month! Much as I am thrilled to see it all, please do not let that happen. =) I’d rather see bimonthly collections, or smaller monthly ones, than for you to do too much!!

        That’s so great that you’re thinking in terms of hybrid scrappers! The items I am very likely to use are the papers (which, because I don’t have a 12×12 printer [if I only had the money…], I usually turn into backings for my own filler/journal cards or use in smaller scrapbooks or journals – 8.5×11, 8×8 or 7×7, that sort of thing – I really wish we’d spent $95 instead of $70 on the printer so I could print 8.5×14, which would be much more useful but we were/are broke), the stickers (which I print onto 8.5×11 Avery sticker sheets – awesome product! – & cut out. I’ve even printed Washi tape stickers with it – there’s no translucence but it was still fun to play with), the stamps (which I use making journal cards & spot art to print), & the cards (which I’ll print onto cardstock (I have an awful lot of cardstock thanks to Staples & Joann’s sales). As soon as I a) get over this clu or flold or whatever awful thing has been ripping through WMass & b) order ink for the printer (which is OUT of cyan – I can’t believe how much cyan the printer uses, especially since we mostly print in BW), I will download & print samples of everything & will let you know how it all looks (I’ll try to photograph it & send it so you can see but my descriptions will likely end up being more useful!). And my, I’m using a lot of parenthesis – I blame being sick!

        I’m also really looking forward to trying your template! I’ve wanted to play with others I’ve seen but they’ve all been for sale (even inexpensive is too expensive right now) so I’m really, REALLY excited to have those to try.

        That is such a cute Mom story – I often think things along those lines when I see all the gorgeous paper, especially when I’d love to use some of it for my 12×12 albums. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been in the middle of a layout & *know* I have just the right paper (or thingamabob) but can’t find it – & then I remember it’s on the computer & not IRL!

        • ‘scuse me ladies, if I butt in here… could you try putting shiny clear tape over the printed washi tape (glitters), to make it more shiny? If you’re looking for translucence, maybe print on thinner paper? I have done printing on very thin papers in the past, by sticking them to a “carrier” sheet of plain printer paper. Just tape it down at the edge that gets fed into the printer and a little at the sides, so it doesn’t move around as it goes through. Some people use spray mount (repositionable) but I was afraid the thin paper would stick permanently so I used tape.

          I’ve even done decoupage with paper that I’ve printed. Just hit it with a few very thin coats of clear acrylic spray, to keep the colors from running when you coat it with decoupage medium. Printing for that was done on an inkjet. Hubby recently got a color laser printer at work, so I’m going to experiment with it, before buying my own. He says it will print on thin card stock too, which would be fun for making tags and elements for cards and scrapping.

          • What a great idea, Marcy! Perhaps I will be able to bring the sparkly tape to life for my mom after all 🙂

            Are you a hybrid scrapper as well? I really must get my printer up and running so I can start experimenting with all this paper technique! (I actually got a Canon for Christmas, but it was nonfunctional right out of the box, so I now need to replace it, grumble grumble.)

            • Woohoo! Congratulations on your new ‘position’ Violet, I can’t wait to do a collab with you 😉 I remember waaaaay back when you published your part for the Birds&Bees blogtrain I was in awe of your designs, literally had my mouth open while scrolling through your blog. And, I have some of your journal cards filed under “Inspiration” on my computer…. Which means I stare at them long and hard every time I need to design journalcards – I suck at those!

            • Let’s just say I’m a “wannabe” hybrid scrapper. I’m finally to the point where I have experimented enough with paper crafts and digital scrapbooking to maybe get started on a long-term project (like getting everything into albums, be they digital or paper). Before I can jump in with both feet, I need to do a whole lot more work organizing photos and doing layouts in an planned and orderly manner. I mean, I have a whole suitcase full of old photos that I brought with me to Italy from the USA (from 1800s to 1990s) and thousands of digital photos on various hard drives. Of course everything in the suitcase needs to be scanned. I haven’t gotten up the will power yet, to face that task. LOL!

              For now I have done digital layouts with a few favorite photos, to try and find my own style. When I think I’ve figured that out, I plan to do several digital albums, and maybe have those professionally printed as keepsake books. In the meantime, think it’d be fun to make some decorative mats with Photoshop and print them on card stock to snazz up some of our framed photos here at home.

              There are so many cool ideas on Pinterest for cards, tags, boxes, bags and other paper crafts, and I really need to get started on making something instead of just pinning things. LOL!

              By the way, I am not a fan of Canon products. Never had much luck with those. Much prefer HP, both for inkjet and laser.

  3. Love your first bundle, Violet. And though I’m not a pocket scrapper, I think you are filling an important niche at Pixel Scrapper! Congratulations! As a CT member for Marisa, I look forward to working with your designs, too!

  4. Congratulations on your new “job” at Pixel Scrapper. 🙂 I’ll look forward to seeing your work there. 🙂
    Thank you for the fun washi tapes. 🙂

  5. Absolutely gorgeous and HUGE bundle! Thanks for the glitter washi tape freebie. I can’t wait to get stuck in using this awesome kit.

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