Trying something new

I’ve mostly stopped taking pictures. I’ve completely stopped Project Life-ing (although I am still making desultory movement towards getting something done for 2012 and 2013 – mostly learning Lightroom so I can wrangle my photos before PL-ing them). I’ve felt mostly too busy with school and practicum and house stuff (only now really starting to recover from the fire) to design for blog trains. Plus being tired all the time puts a damper on creative inspiration.

So when I saw buzz going around about a mysterious new art-journal-ish project that was starting up at digital scrapbooking store The Lilypad I followed with interest but no real idea that I’d participate. I don’t have a lot of disposable income, and I pretty much only spend digital-designs money on commercial use products so I can keep making more & varied freebies for y’all. 🙂 But I am super interested in digital art journaling and was looking for something to give me motivation and structure to make things again, so when the big reveal came and it turned out to be a subscription to a monthly mixed-media/art journal style kit made by four of the most creative, high-quality designers in the biz, and that the project would be supported by a private forum with weekly challenges and a community of people sharing their creations, I decided to try it out for a few months. (I’m not trying to be an ad for this, but I’m also not trying to be cryptic; if you want more info you can find it here on one of the designers’ blogs.)


It worked!! I have been making pages again! I’m still pretty new to making pages that aren’t pocket-scrap style, but I’ve been having a ton of fun. Art journaling is compelling to me because it traditionally allows for expression of the full spectrum of emotion, introspection as well as celebration. Some of the pages I’ve made are too personal to post, but I wanted to share a few here. Each of these was made for a particular challenge in the M3 forum.


This one might need a little explication. I’ve been intrigued by a new layout style Sissy Sparrows has introduced, called Pocket Journals. You make your whole layout on an 8.5×11 page, print it, and then fold it so it becomes a little physical booklet. So cool! (A brief sidebar here – I love Sissy Sparrows so much, I collect their freebies avidly, and I’ve been inspired by them in my own creations many times, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought anything from them. I was feeling kind of bad about that until it turned out they make throw pillows! I had over a dozen I needed to replace from the fire so I am now the proud owner of this awesome owl pillow and my guilt has been assuaged.) The above version is how I laid it out to print, with the back and front covers over on the bottom left. I’ve rearranged the pages below in case you want to actually read stuff that’s not upside down. Incidentally, another reason I love art journaling is that I feel like I’m allowed to say things like “when I lost you I lost a piece of my heart” which I would never normally say due to aversion to cheeziness and melodrama. 🙂


I am apparently full of feelings once the art journaling gets rolling:


What If?
All materials except those listed below are from Mixed Media Monthly ~ August 2014 (Just Jaimee, Quirky Heart, Lynne-Marie, and Little Butterfly Wings).
Papers and elements were used from main kit, Lynne-Marie ~ Artsy Bits add-on, and Mixed Media Monthly Sampler.
Template, incl. stitching: Captivated Visions ~ Yes You Can
Brushes: Captivated Visions ~ Mishmash stamp stash, Marisa Lerin ~ Gesso
Confetti: Crafty Button Designs ~ Feminine Touch Mini
Vines: Idees De Christine ~ Mixing It Up
Photo filter: Sparklestock ~ Instant Hipster Retro Actions (Hudson)
Lyrics: Fidelity by Regina Spektor
Pocket Journal
All materials except those listed below are from Mixed Media Monthly ~ August 2014 (Just Jaimee, Quirky Heart, Lynne-Marie, and Little Butterfly Wings). Papers and elements were used from main kit and Lynne-Marie ~ Artsy Bits add-on.
Book binding by Mercurycode on Deviantart.
Very Quiet
All materials except those listed below from the Mixed Media Monthly M3 August collab by Just Jaimee, Quirky Heart, Lynne-Marie, & Little Butterfly Wings.
Materials used from main M3 August kit and Lynne-Marie ~ Artsy Bits.
Raindrops: Maya de Groot ~ Zen & the Art of April Showers, Just Jaimee ~ Painted Newsprint
Fonts: Special Elite, Edwardian Script

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