Pixel Scrapper October Blog Train ~ Autumn Art

Greetings, blog train passengers! Have you been enjoying the ride so far? It’s been a while since I felt inspired to hop on the train myself as a designer, and I’m pretty excited about what I have for you today. My offering is broken up into three parts which you’ll find interspersed throughout this post.

I posted earlier about my recent foray into the world of art journaling, and this month’s blog train theme, Autumn Art, and its rich, vibrant color palette were a perfect fit. I am particularly smitten with my Painty Bits, which were inspired by the work of designer Lynne-Marie, whose artsy designs I’ve been creating with lately. I experimented and came up with a bunch of new techniques I’d never tried before, which is always a fulfilling process. The Painty Bits download also includes a stencil, and a tutorial on how to use it to turn any patterned paper into your own beautiful falling-leaf painty bit.

Blog train freebie links only stay up for a limited time (though you can still find older blog train goodies if you explore the blog). My Autumn Art kit is no longer available here on the blog but you can check out my other designs (with an option to download things for free!)  at Pixel Scrapper.

Free digital painted elements from Scrumptiously for the Pixel Scrapper October 2014 Blog Train

Free digital painted elements from Scrumptiously for the Pixel Scrapper October 2014 Blog Train

I’m in sort of an awkward period right now as a designer. I was approached by someone I really respect about designing things for sale (super flattering!), but I feel like I currently rely too heavily on other people’s commercial use products to qualify as “real” designer. There’s a popular “computer generated” look to many digital design materials that just isn’t my cup of tea, and so then we’re in the realm of extractions of real-life objects, and of Illustrator and Photoshop and just plain artistic skills I don’t (yet) possess.

I recently had the opportunity to beta-test a class for beginning designers offered by Marisa Lerin at Pixel Scrapper. I thought this could be a perfect chance to start honing these skills, and the papers I have for you today were indeed generated as assignments for the class (still using some CU resources for textures, etc.). But when I got to the elements portion of the class… well… it turns out that it’s not just about skills. There’s a big dollop of patience required to fiddle endlessly with layer style adjustments, trying to find the exact bevel height and angle and shading to make something look “real.” And it kind of bores me. I want to be making the things I see in my head, and when the fastest way to do that is to be a “magpie,” pulling resources together from here and there, that’s what I’m inclined to do. My thinking for now is that I’m making stuff to give to people for free – I want it to look awesome, I can allow myself to not be worried about some kind of professional pride.

Free digital arty papers from Scrumptiously for the Pixel Scrapper October 2014 Blog Train

Free digital arty papers from Scrumptiously for the Pixel Scrapper October 2014 Blog Train

Maybe when I have more time, when I’m not doing grad school and practicum and chronic illness and house-caught-on-fire all at once, I’ll have the spaciousness required to get to this next level of design-independence. And I don’t want to sell myself short – I am always learning and gaining new skills. This month I made my first-ever flair and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. The wooden leaves and gear were new forays for me as well. (Lesson learned from wooden leaves: something looks “off” and computer generated? Slap some paint on it! I think they turned out pretty well in the end.;))

Free digital autumn elements from Scrumptiously for the Pixel Scrapper October 2014 Blog Train

Free digital autumn elements from Scrumptiously for the Pixel Scrapper October 2014 Blog Train

Thanks, as always, for reading (I’ve been wordy as usual) and for downloading. I love knowing my designs are being enjoyed! (Does anyone actually scrap with these things, or just enjoy the deliciousness of the download? The sheer pleasure of the digital hoarding is totally legit, but I find I’m so curious – have any of you made anything with a design you downloaded from me? Let me know in the comments!) (Edited to add: I am absolutely not trying to imply there’s shame in hoarding, I use the term affectionately to describe the great pleasure I get from collecting, unpacking, and organizing my mountains of digital supplies. It’s a different aspect of the hobby, but one I think is a ton of fun!)

Free digital stencil from Scrumptiously for the Pixel Scrapper October 2014 Blog Train

Free digital stencil from Scrumptiously for the Pixel Scrapper October 2014 Blog Train

Finally, here’s a look at the stencil that is included in the Painty Bits download. It’s based on a cool set of brushes from Lileya and will allow you to turn a patterned paper into a pretty falling-leaf design (could be great to use on other interesting papers from this blog train that catch your eye). (Edited to add: The tutorial included with the stencil walks through how to use the stencil in Photoshop. If anyone uses it in a different program, leave us a comment here so others know they’ll be able to use it, too. I imagine it will be usable in most.)

Alright, blog trainers, thanks again for stopping by and now, onward! To find the whole list of Pixel Scrapper Autumn Art blog train goodies, check out this thread at Pixel Scrapper.


41 thoughts on “Pixel Scrapper October Blog Train ~ Autumn Art

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  2. Thank you so very much – I absolutely love your work (this time around I’m completely in love with your painty bits)!! I agree completely on the the whole “plastic” thing – I love stamps & cards & things I can print myself or turn into things I can print. I want anything I create digitally to look like paper because, well, I’ll be printing it as I only scrap with paper (in other words, I don’t scrap digitally, but use digital downloads to make my own filler & journal cards, decorative bits to add to my albums, motivational cards for my OLW album [Ali Edwards’ One Little Word class], & things like that. Shortened version – I do use your materials to make things for my albums but not to make full pages).

    And SO glad to see I’m not the only wordy one left in the world! =D

  3. You do such beautiful work. Thank you for sharing! And to answer your question, I do tend to be a download hoarder, but I also DO scrap with it!! LOL! I love having a big variety of things to pull from while I’m being creative. And I totally appreciate that you (and all other designers out there) have such a talent for this. I love to scrap, but designing just isn’t something I’m good at. So THANK YOU!!

  4. Thank you for this beautiful collection – love the painted bits; especially the stencil. That is awesome! I also love the stitching that is not a straight line; very unique!

  5. Loving your ‘painty bits’. I’m hoping the leaves ‘template’ will work for me. I haven’t yet used them I’m finding I’m spending far more time downloading and organizing than actually scrapping but It is such fun.!

  6. Thank you for this beautiful kit…the painty bits are so unusual. Thank you for the template so I can try it myself. And thanks for the not-at-all-too wordy explanation of what’s going on in your mind. I don’t know anything about design and I found your thoughts interesting. You go to a tremendous amount of work and are so generous to share it for free. I must confess to being a hoarder, but I must get to work and use these lovely bits, papers and elements.

  7. Hi, this is the first time I’ve stopped at your blog and I love these designs. Thanks for sharing them. The painty bits are spectacular! I hope you keep on designing. And yes, I do use of my downloaded hoard, and these will be at the top of my list….

  8. Thank you so very much and your designs are wonderful. I do use lots of my free downloads so don’t be surprised to someday see a layout.

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  10. awesome painty bits…love em…tysm talented kind generous lady…from a secret admirer who envies your awesome creative talent…and by the way…i am a digi scrap hoarder to the point of almost insanity…house a mess … fridge empty…dogs dirty n stink…starving husband…beds unmade…dirty clothes…nails a mess…unshowered…hair well lets just say a fright…so fitting for halloween…you get the idea

  11. I love your painty bits, too! Thanks for including the stencil tutorial thing! I just bought Photoshop, haven’t even opened the box yet (I’m kind of scared), so I’ll have fun learning something new!!! Thank you for sharing your talent so generously! 🙂

  12. Thank you for your generous contribution to the blog train. I love your painty bits and your papers. You are very talented!

  13. love LOVE your freebie this month – THANK YOU (and I think it’s perfectly OK that you are creating the way that you’re creating – the important thing is that you are DOING it and not just PLANNING to do it someday…like me…sigh!)

  14. Your painty bits are amazing. If I ever got around to doing any kind of designing I’d be doing it like you! Thanks so much for your part in the train!

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  16. Thank you so much for sharing these kits. Absolutely lovely. To answer your question about using or hoarding kits, I must admit I am a hoarder, but I also use some of the items when I paper scrap and then occasionally when I scrap digitally. It’s great that you design your own stuff, as for me I don’t have the patience to sit for hours fiddling around to get it just right, that’s why I am so thankful for people like you who do just that and then share these items with us for free. Have a great day.

  17. So generous and gorgeous!!! Love the splats and paint parts!!! Beautiful papers!!! Love the designs!!! Love the elements!! The newspapers leaf is unique and cute!!! Love the stamp and postcard!!! Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely kit!!!

  18. I think your kits are lovely and how you find the time I have no idea!! The painty bits are my favourite things on the train this month – absolutely beautiful!! I confess to being far more of a hoarder than a user (which is one of the reasons why I buy so few kits – I know I won’t use them). I do not scrapbook really but I do occasionally “decorate” or “enhance” photos I am printing in a book or calendar and I sometimes print pieces and make cards with them. I’ll try and keep you posted if I use them. I like the collecting and I like to see the artistic content – in design and colour. It sometimes gives me new ideas for cards etc too.

  19. As I was reading through your post, I was taken aback by how similar our thoughts are. They have a term for those designers who use other designers products to work from, just cant think of what it is right now. I have gone through that same thought process as well, it was in part, one of the reasons why I stopped selling. Outside of the digital scrapbooking community however you will find graphic design artists who believe that sharing with others allows others to also be creative. Which is true, just because you cannot draw something or create something from scratch, but can take something and work with it and create something beautiful is still a creative process. I have been spending money outside of the digital community now for awhile for that reason, they want people to take what they have created and use it to be creative also. Inside the digital scrapping community however, there tends to be a very big, I made it, its mine mindset going on, which I believe holds alot of them back, in both getting out there and in sales. ( But that is just my opinion)
    Whenever I have doubts, I always think about the fact that by purchasing cu products, not only am I appreciative of the designers work and efforts but I also am helping them financially. And the reality is alot of designers get their ideas from others as well. You just have to look at how many cu products are about the same or along the exact same lines. So dont beat up yourself over what as yet you cannot accomplish ♥ Also their are tons of designers in stores selling who use CU products. And those designers who create and sell CU products cannot expect people to pay them and then not use them, if they dont want people using them, they shouldnt have them up for sale. lol I have been around the digital scrapbook industry since it started out, have been a creative team member for alot of designers and also done their PR work and created things from their products to help their sales along.

    To your parts for this train, thank you so very much. I am totally in love with your art painty bits 🙂

  20. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your creative process.

    Your Painty Bits are my favourite part of your contribution although everything is wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing and for your generousity.

  21. Hello! How did you know that I hoard fabulous scrapbook designs??? I thought that I was the only one! I just love LOVE looking at the gorgeous papers, elements, word art, and things that people create! I am absolutely ASTOUNDED by the incredible artistry of the scrapbooking community – the designers and the creative teams, and the scrapbookers at home! I don’t know how these wonderful designs are created, but I just love them. The designs bring colour and beauty into my life, and thus serenity for my soul. Maybe one year I will actually create some scrapbook pages! I have done some basic pages in My Memories but I am so intimidated about creating layouts. While I get up the courage to try, and work bit by bit on gaining some knowledge of the various programs required, I hoard and enjoy! Thank you for your delightful blog. I do hope that your life is a bit calmer now. Many thanks for your designs! From Pamela in Canada

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