Pixel Scrapper August Blog Train ~ At the Beach

Hey there, hope you’re having a good summer! Welcome to another edition of “What can I make for a blog train in a single day?” Of course I ended up spending a few more days finishing everything up and making the preview, but my life has been so slammed lately that it was do it in a strictly time-regimented way or not do it at all. The nice thing about designing for a blog train is I don’t have to worry about making a complete kit with one of everything – I’m making bits and pieces you can combine with all the other wonderful offerings from my fellow Pixel Scrappers. This time around our theme was “At the Beach,” with an interesting summery palette of blues, green, tan, and orange.


PixelScrapper collective Pinterest board for blog train inspiration

Here’s what I made for you. In all, this bundle of joy is 5 papers, 2 full size (12 inch across) wave borders, 6 vintage souvenir cards (4 letterpress, 2 full color), 2 transparent graphic elements, 1 doily mat, 1 seashell frame in 4 colors. [Click preview to download.]


Because the papers got completely buried in the preview, and I always like to see what I’m getting when I’m deciding whether to download something, I decided to give you a quick preview of each paper. I’m a little all over the place with these, but I tried to keep things mostly pretty simple.

paper1_web paper2_web paper3_web paper4_web paper5_web

Previews and links for all parts of the blog train can be found at this post on Pixel Scrapper. There are so many fun designs, in all kinds of styles, from classy to cute to vintage to art journal. Enjoy!

And as always, if you do end up making something using any of my designs, do let me know, I would love to see it!

24 thoughts on “Pixel Scrapper August Blog Train ~ At the Beach

  1. Show off! 🙂 When you got it you most certainly should flaunt it. Your work is just beautiful, thanks for the extra previews and of course the wonderful gift.

  2. Violet, these are lovely..vintage beach! Sorry things are so hectic, and I hope they are getting better for you. We appreciate the freebie, thank you!

  3. Well – if that’s what you throw together in a couple of days – I am amazed!! It is lovely and I adore the vintage bits . Thank you so much for taking part.

  4. I just found your blog & am very much enjoying downloading your kits for PS blog trains. This month’s is especially gorgeous (though I also absolutely adore Retro Kitchen – you did an amazing job with this). I’ve also really been enjoying watching your digital scrapping change. I scrap traditionally, but I enjoy adding PL cards I find online to my layouts. I am also really enjoying using digital paper to make my own cards for my paper scrapbooks. And I’m also really, really glad I’m not the only wordy person in the world! I find things like Twitter quite challenging. 😉

    • Hi Sarah, thank you SO much for leaving such delightful comments! It means so much to hear from the people who download my designs. And if you do end up using any, please do send me a link or photo – there’s nothing better than seeing what people make with the materials I give away. As far as my long hiatus, I’ve been in a weird place with my own scrapbooking (or rather a not-doing-any place!) and the last few PS blog trains haven’t inspired me in theme or palette so I haven’t designed anything for them. If all goes according to plan I should be back with something fun for the October train, however, so do check back then!

  5. PS I see there’s been no updates since May – I hope it’s because you had a long, lovely summer break with many wonderful adventures. I do hope to see posts from you again!

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