Project Life ~ Week 20 ~ May 13-19

This is by far the most epic PL spread I’ve done yet. I know I talk every week about simplicity, streamlining, trying to find ways to have my project not take forever while I get further and further behind. But things took a different turn this week…

It all started with these super fun, elaborate journal card templates from Scrapping with Liz. I got a fantastic deal on them (2 for 1, I think? There are 4 different packs) so I snapped them up, but then never used them. Part of the reason was my constant austerity measures driving me towards simplicity, and part of it was that I always end up making everything myself from scratch. But there they were in my “Journal Card Templates” folder, week after week. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on scrapbooking, so I don’t buy many things, and having four unused packs of journal card templates was starting to make me doubt the wisdom of the purchase.

So I decided to go for it. Just go all out and, still using the Rain kit, see what I could do with these templates. It was so much fun! I’m not a traditional scrapper, and I haven’t made many regular, non-PL layouts, so making essentially 12 different mini-layouts was a blast. Overall I’m really pleased with how it came out. The templates allowed me to have so much variety and detail with very little effort. My shadowing definitely has room for improvement – as someone who hasn’t done a lot of traditional scrapping I haven’t had much practice – but yet another nice feature of using a template is that most of the shadowing was already taken care of in advance.


This week’s layout adventure also provided me with tons of opportunities to use my new favorite styles. They are SO amazing! I got them during iNSD when SugarHillco (a store that sells only commercial use products) had a big sale. There are two sets that I relied on heavily this week, both by Mommyish – Journal Card Styles and Glitter Styles. The journal card styles add a paper texture to anything with the click of a button, and there are many variations to choose from. I’ve been leaving the Rain papers as they came, without texture, but because of all the layering on these templates there were times when I wanted a little more contrast or realism (the envelope on the right page is a good example). I think you can’t really tell in the web photos, but it makes a big difference in person. The glitter styles are phenomenal as well – just click and ANY color or pattern is immediately turned into glitter. I’ve never seen a style or action before that will do that and I had a great time adding little hints of sparkle here and there.


Working on this week also provided some interesting food for thought in terms of what and how much I share online. My Project Life is, as I’ve written about before, essentially my journal, so I try to record my feeling states and what happens in my relationships as much as possible. I’m usually pretty open here, too, and don’t blur out much – I appreciate reading other people’s journaling about depression and other struggles, and I want to provide that kind of candor in the hopes that it will support others. But this week I had some quandaries around the topic of sex. The majority of my friends are youngish gay men and they talk a lot about sex (a classic example being the quote I used in my layout this week). Sex is also a part of my life, and while I am not explicit in my PL (my mom is going to be reading this at some point) I do still mention or make reference to it as part of my mission to journal about my real life, and my entire life. But then I come here to post online, and I worry about alienating or offending people. It’s not something I see people write about in memory keeping online, but I don’t know if that’s because it’s taboo or because folks just want to keep that part of their lives private. I would love to hear any of you weigh in on this subject, since after all, it’s you who I’m wondering if I’ll alienate!

As always, I will be joining up this week with the fantastic Project Life Tuesday roundup over The Mom Creative. Check it out to see a ton of other wonderful takes on Project Life!

Kit: Project Life ~ Rain
Templates: Scrapping with Liz ~ Journal Card Templates
Date brushes: Erica Coombs ~ Office Space
Paper textures: Mommyish ~ Journal Card Styles
Glitter trims: Mommyish ~ Glitter Styles
Halo brush: Lily-Fox ~ Handmade Halos
Doodle buttons: LeChefRené ~ LCR Lesley’s Crafts Font
Brushes to grunge up title text: Design Fruit ~ Mellow Mess
Panorama made using Photosynth app
Licorice sticker: 1purplepixie ~ Candy PNGs
Date tag: Jessica Sprague ~ Scalloped Circle freebie
Bracket frame: Delicious Scraps ~ Bracket Templates freebie
Emoticon: Photoshoptutorials ~ Cute Faces Brush
Fonts: Myriad Pro, Century Gothic, Cooper Black, Pea Olson, CK Ali’s Hand, Hero, Stamp Act, Handwriting – Dakota, Amelie, Push Ups Weak, Lobster, Veneer Extras Glyphs
Photos edited in Snapseed app

4 thoughts on “Project Life ~ Week 20 ~ May 13-19

  1. Wow, great pages! You can really tell how your love of the Rain edition has really enhanced your pages in these last few weeks – I think anyways 🙂 That Glitter style is so cool! I love it on that piece of washi tape… I may have to look into that 🙂
    I have really been evaluating sharing my life online lately as well. Not so much what… since everything is very ‘normal’, and nothing I think would offend people, but just if I actually want that much of my life out there, where ANYONE could read about it. But like you, I appreciate reading other people’s journaling as a lot of the time it is things I can really relate to myself, and feel I should reciprocate that action as well… The topic is definitely something I go back and forth on quite a bit.
    As for me, I don’t think I would feel offended or alienated by what you are writing (lol, who knows I guess, since I don’t know exactly what it is!) I know for myself, I keep that part of my life private. Even my Project Life pages… my family is my intended audience, so my sex life is not something I write about. But I don’t think I would be offended by people that do, within reason. 🙂

    • Thanks, Nicole. I was hoping you’d comment this week because I was curious what your take would be. I really appreciate hearing your thoughts on this! I think something that makes a big difference for me in doing my PL as a personal journal is that I don’t have kids. With kids, I think there are parts of parents’ inner lives that are best kept private. Not because anything needs to be shameful or secretive, but because I think it’s important in enabling kids to develop freely to have a clear adult/child divide, wherever each parent decides is best to put that divide. When I share my past PLs with friends and my mom, I sometimes put post-its over certain journaling that is too personal to share (for any number of different reasons) and I expect them to either respect that or it’s on them if they get embarrassed or learn more about me than they wanted to know! But that would not be a good approach with kids or anyone where the stakes were higher. What an interesting era we live in where we are in the position to contemplate how much of our lives – from almost nothing to absolutely everything – we want to share with total strangers!
      On a more prosaic note – I’m so glad you like the glitter style! I’m really happy with how that patterned piece of washi tape came out. It took a little finagling but it was worth it. I love glitter tape in real life. 🙂

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