Project Life ~ Week 21 ~ May 20-26

I think these pages hold the record (by far) for fastest pages of 2013! I made them in a single evening/night; they still took me several hours, but it feels great to be going to bed with pages finished on the same night I started them. I was working on them in bed, and my sweetie leaned over to look and said, “You make really pretty things,” and I replied, “Yeah, but they take me so long!” And he just kind of looked at me and I was like, “Oh, right, they take a long time because I’m making them pretty.” Oh, right. πŸ™‚ At any rate, having the Rain kit continues to be awesome, and having everything match and be in a style that I like saves me a ton of time, which I can then spend trying out practically EVERY SINGLE frame I have on one photo, trying to find one that looks good. (I ended up with a kind of painted/silkscreened looking “frame” instead of a 3-D frame – what do you think? Above-mentioned sweetie saw the pic earlier and asked if I was preparing to go mining, which earned him a scowl – I informed him that in that photo I’m a goddess and that’s my third eye!)


It’s funny to me how many things I incorporate into my Project Life pages now that I thought I would never be interested in. Calendar cards, numbering the weeks, and pithy phrases like “Life Documented,” are some of the features that make an appearance this week that fall into this category. I continue to like the stamped dates and day of the week stickers that remind me of my original paper Project Life. And I discovered a new favorite font for quotes: Push Ups Weak. (I got it for free through the awesome Creative Market newsletter, but it’s normally a paid font.)


This past week I finally got some real rest (I was on antibiotics, which probably helped since they make me super tired). People with my condition are supposed to get at least 9 hours of sleep a night, but I usually get around 7. So it was awesome to have three nights in a row of 9+ hours asleep! (I track how much of my time in bed is actually sleep time with a LARK device, which I’m not going to link to because I wouldn’t buy from them if I had it to do over again – it’s a good product but not quite right for my needs.) But even after all that rest, I had to leave my Memorial Day camping trip two days early, in tears, because I was so tired and camping took such a toll on my body. Waah. It’s interesting, though – part of adjusting to being sick has been learning to let go of stories like, “But I paid for this, so I have to do it” and “I was so excited about this, so even though it’s not actually fun, I need to finish it anyways.” So I was bummed to miss out on the full camp experience, but once I left I didn’t look back with regret.

I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed as I look ahead to the rest of the summer. So many friendships neglected during the school year that I hope to reconnect with, so many unopened pieces of mail and unpaid bills, SO much stuff still left to do from the fire, and even an incomplete to make up from the Fall, a paper for my Adolescent Psych class. But doing this project is definitely helpful in reminding me to take things one day, and one week, at a time.

I’ll be linking this up to the big Project Life Tuesday roundup over at The Mom Creative, so head over there to check out lots of other inspired PL spreads. The frame I ended up using is from a free CU set that’s still available, so take a peek at my credits list if you think you might be interested in picking that up.

Kit: Project Life ~ Rain
Calendar template: Altered Emporium ~ 2013 Calendar Templates Freebie
Circled date brush: MissTiina ~ Date It Anytime Freebie
Brushes used on calendar: Captivated Visions ~ From My Journal: Celeste Stamps
4×6 card template: Scrapping with Liz ~ Simple Photo Journal Card Templates
Frame: Cajoline Scrap ~ CU Paper Frames Freebie
Date brushes: Erica Coombs ~ Office Space
Days of the week brushes made from: Krisi’s Kreations ~ Celebrate Days of the Week Stickers
Fonts: American Typewriter, Amelie, Stamp Act, monbijoux, Rage, Push Ups Weak

2 thoughts on “Project Life ~ Week 21 ~ May 20-26

  1. Great pages! Love that they were so easy for you to put together πŸ™‚ I’ve found that sticking with a kit definitely speeds up the process as well!

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