Project Life ~ Week 11, pt 2 ~ Catching up on the fire


It has been a hell of a week. A hell of a month. Heck, it’s been nearly nonstop crisis/stress/activity for the last two months. Here are my long overdue pages detailing the aftermath of the fire. This is my first “specialized” PL spread for 2013 (one which focuses on a specific story, rather than serving as an overview of the week). When I started this spread, it was going to be a 6×12 insert, like the cool digital half-page inserts people have been making lately. But I had so many pictures I wanted to include, that in the end the pages are still a full 12×12. I’m hoping to do more insert-type pages, but considering I still have an unthinkable number of regular weekly spreads I’d like to finish, I’m pretty excited to have this one done. This was too big of an event in my life to pass by without thorough documentation. These pages are an expansion of the week covered by this PL spread.


Journaling reads, left side: On Saturday, March 9th, my car engine caught fire, setting fire to the garage and eventually the house. Luckily the firefighters arrived very quickly, the house was saved & no one was hurt – things could have been so much worse in so many ways. When I explain what happened & that there was actually no fire inside the house, people have a hard time conceptualizing why all the contents of my living room were destroyed. Well… The firefighters had to rip the wall down inside to make sure there was no fire, which would then “chimney” rapidly up the wall. This is the death of Victorian homes. I do not begrudge the firefighters for throwing my furniture aside one bit – time was of the essence. Everything in the living room smelled like smoke & most had to be thrown out. I thought I saved everything I wouldn’t be able to replace, but I see in one of these pictures that my beautiful glass window hanging Will brought from Israel got thrown away. Julia’s room has damage, too. Less extensive, but the firefighters went up there to check as well.


Journaling reads, right side: I’ve already documented the Beauty leaking fuel/kitty litter situation, but here’s a closeup. It was a busy, stressful week. Strangers were coming into my house, and my wordly possessions were leaving it. Goodbye extra-long sofa that has doubled as a guest bed! The first day there was some concern about asbestos in the wall that had been torn down. But the ServPro guy showed me a chunk of plaster – so old they used horsehair as insulation, not asbestos! Vern was the fire inspector sent by XXXXX to look at Beauty. Despite my best efforts I could not get someone from XXXXX. I donated her to KQED so I could have her towed away asap because of the fuel leak, and *then* XXXXX started freaking out about wanting to inspect the car. I was really proud of how many clothes I sent off to Goodwill – in a funny way, it was a good opportunity for Spring cleaning. My bed got thrown away, you can’t get smoke out of a mattress. My whole bedroom is boxed up in a corner now. There were air scrubbers on for days – a constant white noise in the background of my days and nights. I only had one pair of sneakers and jeans for weeks! A sad loss was my Weetzie books, signed when I was a teen by my idol herself. Totally irreplacable.

I’ll be joining up with The Mom Creative’s Project Life Tuesday again this week (yay, accountability!) so check over there for tons more Project Life-y goodness!

Homemade template inspired by Kimberly Kalil
Melamine background pattern: Pixeden
Arrows: Deena Rutter ~ Count on Me brushes, Graphics Fuel ~ Hand-drawn arrow brushes
Paper: Rebecca Wagler ~ Daydream Believer
Nametag: Jenn Barrette ~ Try ‘n’ Stop Me
fonts: Rai, Soymilk

4 thoughts on “Project Life ~ Week 11, pt 2 ~ Catching up on the fire

  1. Wow, what a horrible experience, but I’m so glad that everyone was okay + you seem to be handling it very well! It is very important to document the bad along with the good, which is one of the things I love about project life. Last October I was in Hurricane Sandy and I’m still having trouble getting those pages together, it was definitely one of the worst times of my life, but something I never want to forget because it is a part of my story. Thanks for sharing + I hope everything gets back to normal soon!

  2. I can’t imagine what you’ve gone through, but I bet that one day you will look back on these pages and be glad that you’ve taken the time to document them, even if it was difficult. Hope life gets back to normal for you soon!

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