Project Life ~ Week 14 ~ April 1-7


I used the Studio Wendy “Pocket Page Actions” for the first time while making this spread. I’ll do a more thorough post at some point about what they do, but for now I’ll say there were things I liked and things I found disappointing. This was a relatively quick spread to put together, however, and the actions played a big part.

I learned a lot from last week’s PL blog hop! Keli at WhimsiKel, in her great PL process post, introduced me to a bunch of new apps, including PicFrame, Snapseed, and Phonto. Inspired, I decided to try editing my photos on my phone. It turned out to be quick and fun and has brought some of the joy back to photo editing! For this page I made the photo collage in PicFrame and edited the square Instagram-looking photos (which started life as regular photos) in Snapseed.


One thing I tried this time was just using a single kit. For the Studio Wendy actions, it’s good if you have all your materials in one folder, which turned out to be great for me. I gathered together everything I wanted to use – photos, journal cards, and all the pieces I wanted to use from the kit I chose (Mommyish’s Just Me kit). I also made each of the mini layouts in the 4×6 pockets in advance. I think in the future I’ll want to use a larger kit, to have available a greater variety of papers, but it was very streamlining to have all my papers color-coordinated and ready to go. The Pocket Pages actions have you add embellishments to your page so I experimented with that as well; the confetti on both pages and the doily on the right are from the same kit. I waited until after the layout was all placed using the actions before I recolored all my journal cards (made by the fabulous and prolific Marmite Mamie) to match the kit colors.


I had a few other pictures I could have used this week, but I decided to finally get in one of those “currently” cards I’ve been wanting to do. It’s difficult for me – I want to tell the story of why I am watching each show, how I found out about each band, etc., not just list them. I’ll have to sit with it for a while before I have a sense of whether or not this list form will ultimately be helpful for me as a memory keeping component.

All in all this is one of my least favorite layouts in terms of how it looks. It’s so plain Jane! It’s also on the dark and simple side, which I actually did intentionally because it was such a hard week, moodwise, and I didn’t want to make the layout incongruously cheerful. I did make it pretty quickly (quickly for me, it still took many hours), though, and I think that may be more important, especially as I get further behind. I certainly don’t hate how it looks, and the pictures and stories have now been recorded and presented in a fun way.

I’m linking this up to the wonderful Project Life Tuesday roundup over at The Mom Creative. There are always so many delightful ideas and inspirations! There’s also a linky for people using the Currently card that I think I’ll check out as well, so head over to rukristin papercrafts to check out lots of “Currently” ideas.

Photos edited on phone with Snapseed, PicFrame
Layouts made using Studio Wendy ~ Scrap It Pocket Pages action
top 4×6 template: Biograffiti ~ Card Collection No. 1, others made by me
Kit (papers, alpha): Mommyish ~ Just Me
“Week of” title: PS Please Send Chocolate freebie
Date circles: Alison Pennington ~ Bucket List Doodles
Date number tags: Misty Cato ~ A Wink and a Smile Date Bits freebie
Tape from paper tutorial & template: Ian Pullen at
Journal cards: Marmite Mamie ~ Don’t Forget to Write It Down (free!)
Calendar card: Marmite Mamie ~ Cloud 9 Calendar Cards (free!)
Graph paper: Fuzzimo ~ free seamless notebook textures
Currently stamp: rukristin paper crafts
Fonts: Amelie, CK Ali’s Hand, American Typewriter, Cabin Sketch Bold

One thought on “Project Life ~ Week 14 ~ April 1-7

  1. I really like your title card. Also, I love how much you added to your currently card. I haven’t used one yet, because most of the time they seem kinda vague, but you managed to put a lot of info on there!

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