Project Life ~ Week 15 ~ April 8-14


One thing that’s interesting about getting behind and choosing to always work on the most recent week is that when I journal about longer arcs sometimes I’m not sure how much to say, because I don’t know yet what I will have previously talked about (in terms of thinking of these pages reading one after another like a book or journal) because those pages haven’t been written. For example, I’ve been in a horrible fog/unhappiness for a month, since the fire, and this past week it both got really bad and I finally started to pull out of it a little. But to talk about that I decided to write about the unhappiness in general even though most of it happened prior to this week – who knows if I’ll have room in the as-yet-unmade previous layouts or want to focus on that theme. Since no matter how I approach this project I keep returning to wanting it to be my personal journal, I’d rather repeat myself than leave out something important.


I love the colors and paint/artiness of this week. They go so well with the drifty, zoned out space I’ve been in, and the mutedness seems appropriate to a spread with so many difficult feelings. The first kit I tried, based on colors and because I’ve been wanting to use it for a while, was, ironically The Glad Project from Truman Studio. Not surprisingly, way too cheerful and totally wrong for the mood of the pages. The doodle of the falling girl came in the Scrapflower collab I used for all the journal papers. She was originally flying up in the air, but I flipped her and she captures pretty perfectly what things have been like for me. I was delighted to be able to use an alpha from one of the talented women in my PixelScrapper community. I got this alpha from The Emily Files during our recent Birds and Bees blog train, and I remembered it when I was making this spread and it’s like it was meant to be. Such nice quality, too. Also: more square corners! I’m into them. I think I like the look better than rounded right now…


I’m annoyed about something. These stitched pocket pages by Valerie Wibbens were some of the first scrapbook products I spent money on. I bought three packs, plus an extra set of rounded-corner templates, so it was a not-insignificant investment. But you know what? They’re not even! The various journal blocks and the stitched or perforated sections aren’t the same size! This just BUGS me. Everything about them – the price, that they’re sold at The Lilypad, the packaging design, the fact that I’d seen a bunch of other people use them for their PL pages – led me to assume they’d be good quality. But that’s about the most basic fail you can have in a template that’s supposed to be mathematically even. Grr. Can you imagine if the Project Life brand digital templates had different sized journal card spots all over them? It would be ridiculous.

Ah, well, I’m so blessed in so many other ways when it comes to supplies. Almost everything I used here I got for free, and I think the papers, especially, are just gorgeous.

Linking this up with Project Life Tuesday over at The Mom Creative. Can’t wait to go check out what everyone made this week!

Pocket Page template: Valerie Wibbens ~ Stitched Pockets No 6
All papers in journal spots: Scrapflower ~ Daydream Collab
Background papers: Ardent Sparrow ~ The Ombre Kraft papers
Doodles: Marisa Lerin (rain cloud), Scrapflower Collab (cloud, girl, flower), HG Design (corners) (heart), Allison Pennington (kite), Just Jaimee (speech bubbles), Photoshop Daily (swirl)
Graph paper: Amy Jaz ~ Fresh Start JCs
Tape: Sugary Fancy ~ Dear Old Love Add-on
Alpha: The Emily Files ~ Birds & Bees Blog Train
Frame: Sabee’s Creative World ~ Be YOU free kit 
Fonts: Bebas Neue, American Typewriter, Mari&David

17 thoughts on “Project Life ~ Week 15 ~ April 8-14

  1. Very thoughtful pages. I agree with Margie that they will be good to look back on. And… I completely agree with you about those stitched templates. I bought the Pockets No. 6 set recently, and I noticed right away that the card spots were not even. Bummer. Hope your fog clears soon and you can find some joy. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Jenny for the good wishes, that’s very kind of you. Glad to get confirmation on the stitched templates, and that the uneven card spots are unusual and irritating.

  2. I love your pages…and yay for journaling! I would be frustrated too if the templates were not even. It’s making me twitchy just thinking about it. Your pages are beautiful though and I love the colors!

  3. Powerful pages Violet. The really comunicate the emotion and the sate of being you’re in. About the templates, did you contact Valerie to complain about it? or The Lily-pad f you don’t get anywhere with Valerie? They should at least give you your money back. The pad is known for it’s high quality designers, did should not have happened. They do quality control so it should be of high quality. Maybe Valerie will have as defense that she’s an ‘artsy’ journal designer and that it’s suppose to be imperfect. Who knows. But you should at least send a complain/review and ask if she noticed and that you are unhappy with your purchase. They do not like unhappy customers. Best to be specific in what you want as outcome, new redone templates or your money back.

    I hope you health picks up, you know that after a stressful event, like your fire, there is something called Post External Malaise of PEM. Google it and see that it’s one of the symptoms after an adrenal rush like the stress you have been under. It can take months to get back to baseline.

    In 2011 part of our house was flooded by a leaking dishwasher. We didn’t notice, all the water went under the pergo floor. When we finally did notice the water was up in the walls as well and toxic mold had formed everywhere in the walls and under the floor. We had to evacuate because dishwasher water is sewage. We moved temporarily in our RV. It was suppose to take 6 weeks, instead they became 6 months. Believe me living in a RV is fun but not for 6 months. We moved back last year May. I’m still not back to baseline.
    I wanted to send you this link that you can share with your healthcare workers, friends and family, I lost your email address so I hope it’s ok if I post it here, if you mind than just delete my post.

    • Thanks for such a thoughtful comment, Christine. I’m so sorry about your mold story – when I think of how much else you’re dealing with it’s such a huge burden to be put on top of everything else. I guess I’m in a similar position, come to think of it. Thanks for the link, and for the encouragement to talk to Valerie about the templates!

  4. Your pages are beautiful this week. I absolutely love how artsy they are! I think it is a great idea to use this as a journal as well and to record more “deep” feelings and thoughts other than the “we went to the park” or “we ate ice cream”. Nothing wrong with that either but your approach here is definitely more real. I too hope that your fog clears and you feel better soon too. I am not sure if I have those templates – I bought some stitched ones that I never use but I am going to check now.

    • Thank you so much, Sue, for the encouragement and for the good wishes for health. I sometimes want to limit myself to those one-sentence summations, but then I end up really wanting to include all the feelings! It definitely defines how I can do this project, simply based on space.

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