Project Life ~ Week 12 ~ March 18-24

AAAGH there’s so much I want to say, so many photos I want to include, so many stories I want to tell. But I can’t even keep up with one PL spread a week, much less extras. It’s been my intention to have a simple round-up collage page at the end of each month with all the extra photos from that month. But a) I haven’t had time to do it for any of the past months and b) I keep wanting the stories of those photos to be told as well.

Anyways, on to the layout I actually did get done. The whole chalkboard trend hadn’t particularly caught my fancy up until now, but somehow things just evolved for this spread and I found myself chalking away. This chalk-effect tutorial was a helpful starting point. I discovered that the Function Subtle Grunge brush “Soft Concrete Texture” does a great chalk imitation.This was the first time the loose style of my MLE Card Days of the Week stamps worked with my theme, and it’s always fun to use up-til-now neglected supplies. I also think this is the one time when my blurred-out-for-posting-online text kind of matches the theme, like a partly erased chalkboard. Kinda cool. What do you think?The birds on the second page don’t really go with the rest, but I wanted to include something to symbolize that I spent the weekend working on designs for the PixelScrapper blog train; the collage birds are some of the things I made to give away.


I am constantly evaluating my PL process to try to figure out where the holdups are. One thing that seems to take a tremendous amount of time is, ironically, the reason I switched from paper to digital: having a mix of vertical and horizontal photos. Back in 2011, when I switched midway through the year, it was becoming too constraining trying to get my pics to fit into the premade plastic pocket pages when I had a different mix of horizontal and vertical photos each week. But now I see the same issue brings different challenges in digi. I am basically making a new layout design every single week. So the potential time savings from templates? Gone. The time I could save by using the Wendyzine Pocket Page actions I bought a couple of weeks ago and haven’t used yet? Gone.

I wonder if I can speed things up if I either devote myself to taking only horizontals (so tough!) or only square Hipstamatic or Instagram pics. I know I can always do horizontal pages with my verticals in the 3×4 pockets, but in this layout, I loved that pic of my friend in front of the street art heart, and the one of my mom’s boyfriend looking all French café. I wouldn’t have wanted to make those tiny when aesthetically they’re the most interesting in the spread.


Well, it’s a continuing process. I am at this point nearly 50% behind. I still fantasize, however, that I will find the magic formula that will make this the quick and easy process it was invented to be, and after that, everything will be a breeze. 😉

I’ll be adding this to the big Project Life Tuesday roundup at The Mom Creative. I love checking out what everyone is up to. On busy weeks (and when isn’t a busy week?) I mostly just look at the digital spreads and the spreads of paper PLers who comment here. I get too angsty about techniques and ideas I can’t implement when I look at too many paper pages!

Background: Tracy Martin ~ Chalk It Up Freebie
Chevron paper, journal card: Red Ivy Design ~ Heartfelt Add-on
Brushes: Christine Smith ~ Spray Mists, Function ~ Subtle Grunge
Texture on café photos: Michelle Kane Photography ~ Epoch Textures freebie
Collage birds: Scrumptiously ~ The Birds and the Bees blog train
Frame: Just Jaimee ~ Chalk Journal Cards freebie
Date stamps: MLE Card ~ Days of the Week stamps freebie
Fonts: Mon Bijoux, Bergamot Ornaments (“TO” ornament), Lobster, CK Ali’s Hand

11 thoughts on “Project Life ~ Week 12 ~ March 18-24

  1. I am constantly mixing up my templates and photo sizes. One thing that has helped me is to snap my phone photos twice – once horizontal and once vertical. Never sure which version I will use until I sit down to do the week but it comes in handy to have both. This week I took a lot of Instagram shots so I made a whole page of those and then a page of regular photos. I love the title down the left side – very cool idea!! Don’t worry about being behind – you are still recording memories and that is what really matters 🙂

    • That’s a great suggestion, about taking both. I hadn’t thought of that. There are some pics that look better one way or the other, but if I took the time to compose a picture to be the other way I bet it would turn out much nicer than when I try to crop a vertical to be in a horizontal spot.

        • Brilliant! I keep trying to remember to leave white space in my photos for journaling but it’s very counterintuitive for me and I think I’ve remembered to do it maybe one time so far.

  2. I LOVE the look of your spread this week. The pictures really seem to pop. I really like the chalkboard look, but really haven’t tried to do anything with it yet. Really like the different layouts. that is one HUGE advantage to digital. Maybe one day I’ll make it over completely.

    • Thanks, Cerise! The different layouts are a huge advantage to digital, and the reason I switched, but they are also my downfall! It takes so long arranging everything from scratch every time.

  3. I really like your spread this week! The chalkboard is a really neat look, and I really like the title you did down the side! Also love the pops of pink!
    I know when I fell a few weeks behind earlier this year I just skipped ahead to the current week and stayed up to date on that. Then I just went back to the older weeks and did those. It lifted the weight off of being behind, because I didn’t feel like I was just falling more and more behind. More like I was caught up and filling in a few blanks. And I told myself that if I just couldn’t find the motivation to go back and do those weeks, then I would just leave them and continue on, because it was better to continue and miss a few weeks, than to slowly fall further and further behind until I gave up. And funnily enough, once I did that it almost ‘freed’ me, and going back to do the weeks I missed didn’t feel like so much of a chore!
    Like the commenter above said, all that matters is that you are recording memories! Anything is better than nothing!

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  5. Your layouts are so sweet! I never got into doing anything non-digitally because I had to downsize everything, I mean everything. I was an avid beader and my beads are even in storage. Unfortunately when I was in school someone stole my camera out of my car and I haven’t been able to get a new one as of yet. I jones for a camera every day! At some point I hope to get another. Btw, the photo of the clouds looks amazing!! You do gorgeous work.

    • Oh man, what a drag about your camera 😦 Do you have even a camera phone or are you totally photo-less right now? I don’t know what I’d do – taking my daily photo is such a central part of my life now, I’d probably be making pinhole cameras out of paper or something! I am so excited that you like my work, as I think you are so talented and a class act, to boot.

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