Project Life ~ Week 11 ~ March 11-17


This is my spread for the week after my house & car caught on fire. I learned a nifty “burned wood” technique in Photoshop & used that for my title with a slightly sooty background to pull in some of the atmosphere – my house smelled like smoke and soot all week – without being too melodramatic about it. It was a pretty intense week – dealing with the aftermath of the fire, saying goodbye to my beloved car, being displaced with a cat in tow, disappointing news about practicum (I made my first art journal page about that) and and to top it all off one of my mega class weekends of three 11-hour school days.

Despite the intensity of the week, I had fun making these pages. I used a non-PL template from Scrapping With Liz and spent a good deal of my time for this layout figuring out the easiest way to automate rounding corners. Another HUGE time drain for this one was getting the darn journaling formatted properly. At moments like that when I’m tugging and pulling and space-barring like the Dickens to try to get my text lined up I think longingly of a nice paper journal card and a nice simple pen. In the plus column for digital text, I am totally in love with a new font, Soymilk, that I used here prodigiously.


In general Project Life news, the weeks I have yet to do for 2013 are: 3, 5, 9, & 10. Hmm… that’s actually not as bad as I thought.

PixelScrapper has another blog train coming up April 1st. The theme this time is “The Birds and the Bees.” I thought I wasn’t going to be able to make anything – I spent months and months working on what I made for the February blog train, and I just haven’t had that kind of time since this blog train was announced. But this past weekend I really needed to take a break from working on fire stuff and just zone out. The creative juices got flowing and I had such a wonderful time making a ton of fun materials. It was super gratifying to see how far my photoshop skills have come, which I think is part of why it took me so much less time this time around. I also didn’t confine myself to working with only CU4CU materials (which I did last time in order to have my blog train offering be CU rather than PU – that’s commercial use OK, rather than just for personal use, for anyone not familiar with the acronyms) and I think that saved me a ton of time and stress.


I’m linking this up with the Project Life Tuesday roundup over at The Mom Creative. It’s such fun every week to see what everyone has been making & doing!

Template: Scrapping With Liz ~ DSD Facebook Freebie
Background paper: Persnickety Prints ~ Storyteller Free Kit
Brushes: Richard Stelnach/ ~ Rough Edges, Createwings Designs ~ Now Showing Splatter FB Freebie, Pink Reptile Designs ~ Fun & Fancy Splatter Brushes No. 1, Christine Smith ~ Spray Mists, HG Desgins ~ Grunge Frame Brush
Shadow styles: Tracy Stroud ~ Rock the Shadows
Tape: Sugary Fancy ~ Dear Old Love Add-on
Speech bubble: Paislee Press ~ Memory Keeper Word Art
Fonts: Bebas Neue, Soymilk, Hero, Stencil Std, Artistamp

4 thoughts on “Project Life ~ Week 11 ~ March 11-17

  1. Love, love, love your background. What a terrible time you’ve had! Great journaling. Hope the PL pages felt cathartic. Thanks for visiting and leaving nice comments. I downloaded your blog train kits. Very nice. I also ended up registering with Pixel Scrap. : ) so I had a pretty profitable visit. Thanks again.

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