Project Life ~ Week 8 ~ Feb 18-24

PS_2_18spread_nosharpThe spread above is from a few weeks ago. There was a fire at my house this weekend. I don’t really have it in me to say much here, except that everyone is ok, the cat is ok, and it could have been much worse (if you rent and don’t have renter’s insurance, run and get some right now!). I’m sure it will show up in future PL pages, etc.

These pages for week 8 were done a while ago. I’ve been so busy with school and practicum (which I made my first-ever art journaling page about! I’ll post it here next week) that I’ve really fallen behind with my PL scrapping. I haven’t fallen behind with my photo-taking or 1 Second Everyday video recording, though. So, no matter what pace I go at, eventually everything will get put into some memory-keeping format for me to enjoy and share.

I’m so tired from dealing with all this fire stuff that I’m not going to say any more here. Miss Wordy Mouth is gonna enjoy a little silence instead. I was going to ask you all for your thoughts about sharpening this week, and I made sharpened and non-sharpened versions of each page to get your opinion on. I’ll write more next time about my process; I’d love to know whether you sharpen your jpgs before posting online, what method you use, etc. And I’d love to know if you think one version (sharpened vs not sharpened) looks better here, if you think I’ve over-sharpened, or if you can even really discern a difference.

Hope your week was filled with wonderful adventures and no disasters! I’m mostly filled with gratitude regarding mine. This is exhausting but it could have been so much worse in so many ways. I’m still going to try to check out all of your pages but I don’t know if I’ll have the energy to leave comments this week, sorry!

Ok, on to the fun stuff. The spread above is not sharpened. Here’s the sharpened version.


And here’s non-sharpened page 1:


Sharpened page 1:


Non-sharpened page 2:


Sharpened page 2:


Let me know what you think!

I hate sick: Ume 7 Design scraplifted from Wild Blueberry Ink
Unless listed separately below, all papers and elements are from Ardent Sparrow ~ The Abby Mini
Fabric elements: Ardent Sparrow ~ Kate fabric elements
Title alpha: Mye de Leon ~ Veneer Alpha (recolored using Melamine pattern from
February stamp: Biograffiti ~ Month Stamps
Stitching: Valerie Wibbens ~ Pockets No. 6
Speech bubble: Storyteller Free Kit
Chalk brush: Just Jaimee ~ Chalky Brushes Newsletter Freebie (brush #1190)
Arrow: Graphics Fuel ~ Hand Drawn Arrow Brushes
22 stamp: Ziggle Designs by Kami ~ Daily Date Stamps
Banners: Sugary Fancy ~ Basic Banner templates
Marisa Lerin ~ Birds in Snow Scribble
Date sticker: Biograffiti ~ Itty Bitty Dates No. 9
Kraft speech bubble: PixelberryPie ~ Speech Bubbles
Fortune Cookie: FranB ~ Fortune Cookie Alpha
Fonts: CK Journal, Xerography, TheHeather, Bebas Neue, Things We Said, American Typewriter, Arial Narrow, Trejan Pro, CK Ali’s Hand

2 thoughts on “Project Life ~ Week 8 ~ Feb 18-24

  1. To answer your question I think I like the sharpened pages better – it makes a difference with the photos! How much sharpening did you do on them – I might try that on mine. So sorry to hear about your house fire – that is awful! I can’t imagine how you even had the energy to put together any sort of a scrapbook page after that! Hope things are back to normal for you soon. Your little comment on the sleeping in card made me LOL!

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