Project Life Catch-up ~ Week 1


I am usually super aversive to premade Project Life filler cards and cards with scrapbooker-type quotes on them (you know, “This is the good stuff,” and “Remember this”). Don’t really know why, it’s just not my style. But I had an extra page in the first 2-page spread at the beginning of my 2013 PL because Week 1 was such a short week for me. So I let myself go wild with this cute set of 2013 printables from Simple Stories. I altered the colors (using a color-replace trick I think I learned from one of Marisa’s tutorials over at PixelScrapper) to match the Persnickety Prints Storyteller kit I’m going to be using for my PL pages. It still doesn’t really look “like me” (my mom’s comment when I showed her the page, “Wow, that’s… a lot of bright colors.”) so maybe I’ll go back and change it at some point, but for now I’m pretty excited to actually be doing January pages in January. Of 2013. As opposed to over a year later, which is when I did January of 2011 (in February, 2012). (Let’s not talk about 2012 right now, ‘k? We’ll call that the “lost year” for now and just focus on keeping up with 2013. But I’ll be back for you, 2012, I promise!)


I decided, inspired by this post at A Vegas Girl at Heart (one of my Project Life heroes), to make my own PL kit this year. I love Becky Higgins and adore her for bringing Project Life into my life, and I have happily scrapped with PL paper kits in the past, but none of the core kit designs have ever grabbed me as something I actively want to spend all year using. And now that I have some digital skills, I have the ability to make materials I’ll be excited about. [Sidenote: With the new kits Project Life presented at CHA earlier this month, “my” premade kit has finally arrived – helloooo Rain! Kraft is pretty great, too. Next year is going to be considerably more straightforward, I’m guessing.] [Or not, ’cause I’m kinda hooked on making my own stuff.] [But there’s also this whole finishing-graduate-school I need to get back to and stop pretending I live in magical digital-design land all the time.]

Anyways, I decided to start by trying out using a gorgeous free kit given away by Persnickety Prints – Storyteller – to do my Project Life pages, or at least some of them. I am hoping it will take me less time if I have fewer decisions to make! The first week of 2013 was a short one as far as my PL was concerned, since I got back from an annual trip on the 4th and the new year doesn’t really start for me ’til I’m home from that trip. Another Project Life trend I’ve been resistant to is the inclusion of little calendar journal cards, but I thought that including one here actually worked really well to explain visually that this page is just about two days, rather than a whole week. I was very much in exhausted post-vacation mode, so I didn’t end up with a lot of pictures from this particular weekend, but I loved finding one that echoed one of my favorite iconic Man Ray photographs! So I made a brush from the cello f-hole on the Man Ray model to make my pic match. A friend saw this and asked me if I had a tattoo she didn’t know about. 🙂


2013 cards, quote cards, striped JC: Sn@p Printables freebies
Polaroid frame & all papers: Storyteller free kit from Persnickety Prints
Best Is Yet To Come graphic: Love Party Printables
Jan calendar: Finding Nana
Calendar dates circled with date doodles from: Miss Tiina Date It Any Time freebie
Fonts: Indy Pimp, Hero, Stamp Act (Comic Sans for the Morse code! Finally a decent use for Comic Sans)

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