Project Life ~ Week 4 ~ Jan 21-27

Well, now that I have a scrappin’ blog, I have my very own spot to post my Project Life pages. Later on I’ll be writing some about how I’ve chosen to do PL this year (year 4 for me, my first was 2010) and I’ll give you a peek at the kit I designed for myself to use in my 2013 PL pages. This week, however, I wanted to play with my new creations, the papers and journal cards I made for the PixelScrapper February Blog Train. The theme was “retro kitchen,” and I didn’t have many kitchen stories to tell, but the colors went nicely with my photos for the week. I’m trying to keep things very simple so doing my pages doesn’t take too long, but these pages, as always, took me way longer than I’d like. So many decisions to make and new techniques to learn and there’s probably a ton of things I’m doing the long way ’round. Ah, well. I’m totally enjoying myself, and that’s what matters (as long as I don’t flunk out of graduate school, of course!).




I’m linking up this week for the first time over at The Mom Creative’s Project Life Tuesday. I am, as they used to say in radio, a “long time listener, first time caller” in that I’ve ogled & been inspired by the pages linked up there for quite some time, but this is the first year my pages have been online to join the party.

Papers & journal cards: Scrumptiously ~ Retro Kitchen
Date tags: Biograffiti Itty Bitty Dates No. 12
Date tag fonts: Indy Pimp & American Typewriter
Journal font: Hero
Fonts on photos: American Typewriter, Indy Pimp, CK Ali’s Hand, Zapf Dingbats (stars)
Scrabble tiles: Pixelberrypie; Bingo number: Leo Reynolds
Tape: Alamama’s Pressed Petals ~ That’s Old School Add-On
Date stamps: Erica Coombs ~ Office Space
Wood tape: Michelle Underwood ~ Posie Add-on
Tape: Alamama’s Pressed Petals ~ That’s Old School Add-On
Stitching: Bobita Designs ~ Naturally Add-On

10 thoughts on “Project Life ~ Week 4 ~ Jan 21-27

  1. Love the journal bits in the middle, so very real PL! Stuff as it happens in out life. I sometimes struggle how to incorporate the yucky stuff that you don’t want to talk about but that does happen and is important to document. You know, not sounding too negative but also not sounding so happy happy joy joy because that would be fake. Difficult to find the middle ground. I’m stuck in Jan. week 2. Not because I didn’t keep notes but I can not decide on the colors I want to use. I know I know, other laughed about it. Seriously a PL album with a color scheme? But that’s who I am 😉 Now I have so many new choices with your beautiful cards. I want to use caramel, coffee, a touch of robin egg, grey, nutmeg and maybe soft yellow?
    Love that Hero font, it reads pretty well!

    • Thanks for such a thoughtful comment, Christine. I can tell we’re going to be good Project Life friends 🙂 Your color scheme sounds gorgeous – I can’t wait to see what you create! Have you posted any of your PL layouts to the Pixelscrapper gallery? I just put weeks 1 & 2 up there, they’ll be up here on the blog as well in a couple of days.

      I know what you mean about putting in the hard stuff or leaving it out. I think that’s something people wrestle with a lot when doing PL. I actually started mine in 2010 when I was very ill (bedbound much of the time) and I wanted a way to document that I actually did exist and live and do something every day, even though I was living a very non-traditional life with a lot of struggles. So for me, the hard stuff is part and parcel of the project. Now that I’m putting things online I have to think about it from a whole new angle in terms of privacy and what kind of image I want to convey. My gut instinct is to just be myself, but the tricky thing about the internet is once you’ve put something out there you can never take it back!

      I learned about Hero from reading other PL blogs, which is why I made a point to include which fonts I used in my credits. My favorites right now are all inspired from my current PL muse, Kimberly Kalil ( Hero, Bebas Neue, Indy Pimp, American Typewriter, & CK Ali’s Hand. I like that the PL aesthetic allows for more of a mish-mash than regular scrapbook layouts; I feel like I can get more chaotic and random using different fonts on the same page and so on. Definitely more fun!

      • Wow, what a coincidence! I follow Kimberly as well as an inspiration for PL! I just received her lasted update in my mailbox with her little boy in the bathtub. 😉 I am bedridden for a long time now. Actually we moved to the US in the hope for new and better treatments for me but so far that has not materialized. We are now pondering the option to go for treatment out of state and that would be a couple of times a week infusions so we would have to live there for about a year. There are no other treatment options and I progress much faster that we thought I would. So I know what it is like to do this from your bed and I do it exactly for the same reasons as you do. last year I choose my One Little word ‘Create’ Create a new hobby for myself that is closely related to my former profession. I took a year to learn about digital scrapbooking. That might seem long but often I have forgotten what I was trying to learn 3 days ago, it’s frustrating. I can work on a layout and open it the next days an wonder what the heck I was trying to do. 😉 It is surprising 😉 So I took some classes at Digital Scrapper with Linda Stattgast because I love her clipped and to the point style of teaching. And you have access for life so that’s great.
        This year I choose as my One Little Word ‘Purpose’. I lost many friends last year to this illness, through this illness or because they lost all hope and could not cope with the pain and medical ignorance anymore. They lost their view of their purpose in life. So before I reach that point I want to look at and discover what my purpose in life still is. Towards friends, my husband, my family and most of all towards myself. As you will know your world shrinks dramatically if you become bed bound. And that is one of the things I find very hard to deal with. The isolation. Thanks for letting me know your struggles a view years ago, t’s good to know one is not alone and that there are success stories of people who do recover from being bed bound! I’m so happy you made a recovery and am now fully participating in life again! I find that if I have a moment with less pain it feels double so good. I can imagine if I would recover and not being bedridden anymore life would be exhilarating and every day would be a treasure!
        I will try to be brave and post my PL page online. 😉

        • Christine, thank you for sharing so much about your life! I feel so much solidarity and kinship with you, not only as a fellow journal-card addict, but also because we share the much deeper experience of living with chronic health challenges. I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through, and about the difficulty of losing friends and struggling with your sense of purpose. I must say, for my part I am far from recovered, but I am out of bed a good deal of the time and have even gone back to school. I totally know what you mean about forgetting things. People still have a hard time comprehending how quickly and thoroughly information can disappear from my working memory! I’d love to talk in more detail with you about all of this but we’re about reaching the limit of what I feel comfortable to have showing up online. If you would also like to talk more, you can send an email to me through the “Contact Me” page at the top of the blog and we can take this conversation to a more private setting 🙂 I look forward to seeing your PL pages! I made an action for photoshop that, while it saves them as a high-quality jpeg, automatically includes the option to blur things out, so that might help make it more comfortable to post layouts online while still keeping some journaling or photos private. Let me know if you want me to send it to you and I will!

    • Thanks for the visit, Cerise! (I don’t know if that’s your real name, but the way, but as a blogger name it’s inspired and of course goes perfectly with your blog title.) It’s weird, with the journaling. This is year 4 for me and my PL is essentially my diary. So it’s odd now to be posting it for the first time for the world to see, having to decide what to blur out & what to leave in. So far I’ve mostly only blurred to protect other people’s privacy, but I might get squirrelly and start making stuff more private. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, though, that is positive reinforcement for leaving it legible. 🙂

  2. I love that theme – retro kitchen! Great color combo. The Scrabble letters look adorable on the title card. I just made Shepherd’s pie tonight for dinner but I used ground turkey instead. So what would you call it? Using beef is cottage pie, so what is turkey?? LOL.

    • Thanks for the visit, Margie! One of those dinner party guests was Welsh and he informed that “shepherd’s pie” is lamb, “fish pie” is fish, and *everything* else is “cottage pie,” so your turkey version and my vegan version would both be cottage pie. I still called it shepherd’s pie in my journaling because I know looking back I’ll have no idea what I meant if I say cottage pie 🙂

  3. So glad you have decided to post your pages online. Great layout – I love to see what other digi people are up to 🙂 We have the same blog template – lol!!

    • Thanks for the visit, Sue! I noticed we share a theme, too – I took a peek at your blog but haven’t had a chance to comment yet. I like this template but I do wish the text weren’t so gigantic. It reminds me of Large Print Editions at the library! The tradeoff is great giant pictures, though, so it’s worth it, I think. I’m just so chatty the large font makes my posts go on forever!

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