Pixel Scrapper February Blog Train ~ Retro Kitchen

What a fun theme for my very first blog train! The idea proposed was “Retro Kitchen” and one of the PixelScrapper members came up with a very handsome color palette for us to use. I’ve been pinning on my inspiration board for months (what did we do before Pinterest, seriously?) and playing with all kinds of new techniques and digital materials.


I have to admit, this stuff is hard. The designers I love seem like even more of celebrities/artistes to me now. Getting just the right shabby texture on a paper is no easy matter. I’ve tried about a million ways and ended up with something I’m satisfied enough to give away, but I know I still have more to learn before I can master making what’s on the screen look like what I’m envisioning in my head.

Speaking of celebrity designers, do you know who’s the total bomb? Marisa Lerin, owner of PixelScrapper, that’s who. She gives away tons of digital materials to play with and you can get a CU license for them for free, so I really had the freedom to explore and try out new things without plunking down any money while I still don’t know what I’m doing. Plus she has created an amazing, supportive, visually appealing community over at PixelScrapper and was, of course, the impetus for this blog train. If you’ve found your way here by some other means and aren’t familiar with PixelScrapper yet, I highly recommend checking it out.


If you know me from my food blog, In My Box, you know I’m a wordy girl, so I am going to try to keep this relatively brief and get to the goodies! I went back and forth with the “retro kitchen” concept and ended up going with what I think of as more “vintage” (1930s/40s) than “retro” (1950s/60s). Vintage kitchen was so fun to play with and explore, and I ended up making a ton of stuff to share in this blog train. Two paper packs and four different sets of journal cards! I know from the PixelScrapper forums that there are plenty of other journal card addicts like me out there – including scrappers who aren’t even doing Project Life! That’s my main form of scrapping, so I am always on the lookout for good journal cards.

I made these to be just the way I prefer my JCs – clean lines, lots and lots of room for journaling (I did mention I’m a wordy girl, right?). So many products labeled “journaling cards” are really more like filler cards, they have so much ornamentation you could barely cram a sentence onto them. But speaking of filler cards, if that’s your cup of tea, I made you a set of those as well! And since some of you may not be quite as journal-card-obsessed as I am, I’ve put them in separate downloads so if you want just one or two sets, you don’t have to end up with all 32 cards. So, without further ado, here come the treats! (And these are all A-okay for commercial use, so feel free to go forth and make stuff with ’em.)

First up, a pack of papers, ginghams and polka dots. I’m such a nerd – I studied my retro kitchen pins to suss out color combinations from that era – turquoise & cream, pink & puce (that reddish color), and so on. The plaids below also employ color pairings from my list of common retro kitchen color combos. (Yes, there is a list, & yes, I am a total nerd.) (Click preview to download.)


Next is a coordinating pack of papers with solids and some fun fabrics, several plaids and a couple of cute vintage floral designs. (Click preview to download.)


Between the paper packs and these fabric-patterned journal cards, we’re getting quite a Project Life kit going here! (Click preview to download.)


Of course, what would a P365 kit be without cute filler cards? These would be perfect for scrapping some silly breakfast-time or baking stories. Many of these images came from the incomparable free vintage graphics site The Graphics Fairy (I think a lot of us pulled heavily from her for our retro kitchen imagery!)(Click preview to download.)


Sometimes I get annoyed when there are sayings or word art on my journal cards, but other times a well-played word/image combo can really hit the spot. I hope I’ve done a little of that here with these vintage stamped journal cards. (More props to The Graphics Fairy for these – how adorable is that egg beater?) (Click preview to download.)


And for those of you who prefer to keep things simple, some lovely kraft journal cards with a subdued vintage floral pattern. (Click preview to download.)


And that’s all of it! (Well no, actually, I have tons more languishing on my hard drive, but I tried to pare down the fruits of my enthusiasm to a reasonable offering.) If you use any of these for any purpose, I would be thrilled to get an email or a comment with a link to where I can check out your work. Thanks!

You can find the rest of the blog train here, back at the PixelScrappers forums.

Check out the goods in action! Here are my Project Life pages from last week. Close-ups can be found at this post.


101 thoughts on “Pixel Scrapper February Blog Train ~ Retro Kitchen

  1. WOW! This is fabulous. I love all your talking and walking through each part of the offering. Great job! Thanks for being part of the blog train and for sharing your talent.

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